Photo by Jaacko Manninen

Photo by Jaacko Manninen


Christine is an intuitive tarot reader, clairvoyant, Reiki Master, and dream interpreter with 15 years of experience reading for the public. Her spiritual journey began with her first precognitive dream at the age of 7, sparking a lifelong passion for metaphysical study.

As an artist and musician, Christine considers all creative ventures an act of channeling. Her psychic and healing abilities come from her Italian heritage, so it’s no surprise that the tarot spoke to her at such a young age.

Within her practice, the tarot is a mirror into probable futures and the power of present actions. As a guide and interpreter, she offers insight and clairvoyant impressions from ancestral energies, spirit guides, guardian angels, and other such positive energetic beings. Each reading is infused with the love and positive action that the universe treasures, with full acknowledgement of the role of free will.

A Reiki healing session with Christine is both a physically and emotionally healing experience, and includes clairvoyant messages from spirit, guides and ancestors. Christine’s goal within each reading or healing is empowerment: her clients walk away with practical solutions and “homework” to aid them on their personal journey.

She has been a featured tarot reader on Buzzfeed’s Snapchat channel and contributes her astrological and magical insights to You can find her reading tarot across Los Angeles at both public and private events, and has been a featured tarot reader Soho House in West Hollywood, and is currently a resident tarot reader at Employees Only LA and reiki healer at Golden Folk Wellness in Silver Lake. In addition to her psychic work, Christine teaches tarot and leads guided meditations and sound healings throughout the LA area.

Christine offers her services to all beings regardless of age, race, gender orientation, or ability. She also offers healings for members of the animal kingdom.