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Krilian Photograph of a Coleus Leaf by MrX

Krilian Photograph of a Coleus Leaf by MrX

Reiki sessions

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which universal life force energy is channeled from practitioner to client, delivery physical, emotional and spiritual healing to the recipient.

During a Reiki session, Christine clears energy blockages and balances the chakras by identifying the emotional root of the imbalance. Each session includes clairvoyant messages from spirit guides, guardian angels and loving ancestors with practical advice on improving individual holistic health.

Ancestral energies and unresolved trauma are often revealed within Christine’s reiki healings, guiding the way towards the clearing of personal and familial karma, as well as cultural conditioning.

In Person Sessions:

❉  30 minutes - $80     

❉   45 minutes - $100   

❉   60 minutes - $120     

❉   90 minutes - $160

Distant Healing Reiki Sessions:

Since Reiki is not confined to the limitations of time and space, these sessions take place remotely.

❉ 30 minutes - $60     

❉   45 minutes - $80     

❉   60 minutes - $100

Pet Reiki Sessions

All living things can benefit from Reiki! Pet healing sessions are unique, so please email me at to schedule a session.


Tarot readings

The symbolic language of the tarot is a profound tool for self exploration and an excellent aid in understanding how the present moment helps to shape the future.

During a tarot reading, Christine acts as a guide and interpreter for the rich symbolism of this meditative tool, working with it’s archetypal and cyclical nature. Her readings help uncover blind spots and bring understanding and clarity to life’s challenges.

Tarot readings are available in person, over the phone, or through video chat. 


❉ 15 minutes - $45     

❉   30 minutes - $65     

❉   45 minutes - $85     

❉   60 minutes - $100


* Christine is also available for public and private events. Send an email to for rates.

Alter Ego by Marion Adnams

Alter Ego by Marion Adnams

Dream interpretation

Christine offers dream interpretations on a case by case basis. Please email her at to schedule.